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The TAG Agriculture has been specifically designed to bring all of the TAG Fleet Management & Security capabilities to any piece of Turf equipment or utility vehicle. With the TAG Agriculture installed, the Superintendent is able to track, control, and compile comprehensive data on the vehicle through the TAG Agriculture interface, accessible from any web browser or mobile device. The TAG Agriculture also has the same award winning security protection that made it the number one selling back end solution in the golf industry.

Operating equipment and using staff resources efficiently improves the bottom line. The TAG Agriculture is designed to help the operator do both by providing extensive reporting on vehicle activity that can be customized to the specific needs of the operation.

TAG Agriculture


Labor Savings
TAG gives you critical data on usage, route efficiency, idle alerts, cutting patterns and much more. As a management and training tool it is a smart investment in some of your most valuable assets.
Staff Training
TAG Agriculture makes training your staff a much easier task. With the reporting capabilities you can sit down with staff members at the end of the day or week and see exactly what went on and if there are areas that could be improved. You will find a very pleasant side benefit, with staff knowing that you have the detailed activity information at your fingertips, their performance will improve naturally - what gets measured gets done.
Measure Performance
Optimize equipment routes, analyze cutting patterns, have individual vehicle history, set alerts for idle times, set zones and locate staff and equipment and monitor battery condition in real time.
TAG Agriculture is always working to protect your equipment. TAG Agriculture has an internal motion sensor so you can be notified of unauthorized movement after hours. With Geo-Fencing you are notified if the equipment is taken outside that zone. If for some reason the equipment is taken off the property you can still locate it utilizing Google Maps. During the day you can also be alerted if the equipment enters restricted zones, so your equipment is always protected. It is your Digital Security Guard that never calls it day, so you can.

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