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League Of Its Own

January 2023

Vantage is proud to PRESENT the REVOLUTIONARY SR-1

  • increases PACE OF PLAY 35%


    Join us for the
    unveiling of the all new

    January 24-27, 2023
    Orlando, Florida

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    Enhance the golfer experience by
    increasing Pace of Play up to 35%

    Superior Golfer Benefits

    • Vibrant HD Information Screen
    • Wireless phone charging
    • Direct Interaction with clubhouse including food and beverage ordering
    • 6 way adjustable seat with 180⁰ rotation for mobility challenged golfers
    • Bluetooth enabled speakers
    • GPS based course information

    Superior Operator Benefits

    • Lighter than conventional carts so much easier on course
    • Integrated GPS Fleet Management System for course protection
    • Interactive direct messaging with golfer
    • Extended battery life for more rounds per charge
    • Programmatic Advertising revenue opportunities
    • Carts can be “Wrapped” for vendor sponsorship

    Golf Cart Market

    Revenue in USD Million,
    Global, 2018-2026

    Number of golf courses

    By Region, Global, 2020

    Addressing Market Challenges

    The number one challenge for golf operators is always pace of play. Slow pace of plays reduces the number of rounds which is the primary source of revenue. Slow pace of play is also extremely frustrating for the customer.

    During the pandemic when operators did not allow 2 people riding in a cart, the by product was reduced time per round and increase in the number of rounds. In some cases up to 35% because golfers just went straight to their ball rather than having to drop their playing partner then wait for them to hit before going to their own. Pace of Play is the lifeblood of a golf operation.

    How SR-1
    Partnership Works

    01. Configure

    02. Partnership Agreement

    03. Deploy

    04. Renew


    Choose 4, 8, 12 or more increments of 4 for best results.

    Partnership Agreement

    The SR-1 partnership is a true revenue share that starts day 1 based on a percentage of cart rental revenue.

    No up-front capital required to outfit your course.


    The first groups out on the course have a major impact on the pace of play. If a bottleneck forms, it is extremely difficult for the operator to recover. By deploying those first groups in the SR-1 the operator gets ahead of the pace for the day.


    Your SR-1 fleet will be replaced with brand new carts every 3 years.

    Don’t own a golf course and want your very own SR-1?

    Fleet Inquiry

    Jump the line and stay ahead of the competition. Submit the following form to see if your course qualifies.

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