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DSG Global, Inc. Highlights Recent Major Accomplishments Through its Subsidiary Imperium Motors as the Company Gains Traction into the Electric Vehicle Market

SURREY, British Columbia, Dec. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DSG Global Inc. (OTCQB: DSGT) (“DSGT”), via subsidiary Imperium
Motors, prepares for a significant revenue increase in 2021.

Major Recent Milestones Include the Following:

Š Secures $5.7 Million in pre-orders for electric vehicles. Pre-orders for 1,155 vehicles types already approved for sale including the
Urbee Sport, Urbee Mid-Speed Van, E-Bikes and Scooters. DSG intends to fulfill these orders during Q1 2021. The company is also
completing the steps to distribute High Speed SUV’s, Trucks and Buses throughout North America

Š Receives Department of Motor Vehicle dealer license number from the state of California

Š Continues selection to establish dealer network with commitments from 58 dealers

Š Receives first shipment of electric cars from Zhejiang Jonway Group

Š Partner Zhejiang Jonway Automobile commences production at new automotive assembly plant and will begin regularly delivering
vehicles to Imperium Motor Company moving forward

Š The Company has applied and awaits confirmation of the WMI# (WORLD MANUFACTURE IDENTIFIER #) granting ability for
assembly and sale of all electric vehicle products to local government agencies

Š The WMI# license will grant Imperium Motors the ability to complete final assembly of all electric buses with its manufacturer Skywell
Automotive Group

“DSG Global has made amazing progress. As you can see, we are off to a fantastic start in the electric vehicle market and were only at the
beginning stages,” stated Bob Silzer, President and CEO of DSG Global. “We are well on our way to producing our projected excess of
forty million ($40,000,000) in revenue for 2021,” commented Rick Curtis, President, Imperium Motor Company.

For information on Imperium Motor’s Product line, please visit
About Imperium Motor Company
Imperium Motor Company is a new EV distribution and marketing company that offers a wide variety of affordable vehicles equipped for the
North American market with emphasis on great design, a green mindset, performance, and functionality. Vehicles will include: High Speed,
Mid Speed, and Low Speed electric vehicles including Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Buses and Scooters.

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Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements
Forward-looking statements in this press release include statements relating to, among other things, the Company’s ability to open its new
customer facility and its ability to close and deliver on various purchase orders from customers, and the Company’s expansion into markets
outside of the golf industry. Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to
differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, the following: the timing and nature of any capital
raising transactions; our ability to offer products and services for use by customers in new markets outside of the golf industry; our ability to
deliver in a timely fashion and to our customers’ satisfaction the products purchased; the risk of competition; our ability to find, recruit and
retain personnel with knowledge and experience in selling products and services in existing and new markets; our ability to manage growth;
and general market, economic and business conditions. Additional factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those
anticipated by our forward-looking statements are under the captions “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of
Financial Condition and Results of Operations” in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year 2018 and our subsequent Quarterly
Reports on Form 10-Q and Current Reports on Form 8-K, all filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Forward-looking
statements are made as of the date of this release, and we expressly disclaim any obligation or undertaking to update forward-looking

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